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Have a Worry-Free AC

Imagine not having to worry about any unexpected costs when it comes to your air conditioner for the next ten years. Thanks to a new partnership between Millian Aire Enterprises, LLC, and brands Trane and Mosaic, worry-free AC is now a reality.

In the market for a new air conditioning unit? Consider leasing your system. Call us today for a free quote.

Facts About Leasing an HVAC System

Just like leasing a car, when you lease an air conditioner you make a monthly payment for use of that equipment. The payment also covers any mechanical problems you may encounter with your system. At the end of the ten-year lease, you may either purchase the system or renew the lease for another ten years.

While leasing a unit, if it breaks down or parts need to be replaced, Millian Aire will fix it at no cost to you. Millian Aire will also make a service call twice a year for maintenance on your system, to ensure that your system is running at top efficiency.

Benefits of a Leased System

No Unexpected Costs
A leaky coil or a bad compressor can cost thousands of dollars when you least expect it! With a leased system, all parts and equipment are covered — with no unforeseen financial burden to you.

Keeps Your System Running at Top Efficiency
Since maintenance, parts and labor costs for all your air conditioner equipment are included in your lease, you can be sure that your system is running at peak efficiency at all times

Bundle in Indoor Air Quality and Ductwork with your Lease
When leasing your system, you can bundle in all your indoor air quality and duct work needs. Make sure everything you want in a system is included for one flat monthly rate

You Can Transfer the Lease or Buy It Out if You Sell Your Home
Moving? You have multiple options with what to do with your lease. You can buy it out and include it with the sale of your house, or it can be transferred to the new homeowners

Want to Buy Out Your Lease?
No problem. That’s an option. At any point during your lease, you can buy it out. The choice stays with you for the length of the lease

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