Stress- Free Program| No Money Down on a new A/C

Millian Aire has partnered with FPL Home to offer their new Stress-Free financing to our customers. There are two options for using this program the first one is:

Stress- Free Program

  • $0 down, fixed-rate financing
  • Brand new AC unit
  • Extended Parts & Labor Protection
  • 4 Free Air filters a year and Bi-Annual tune ups included in the price of the plan
  • Smart Thermostat included
  • Payments up to 120 months!
  • The unit is YOURS once you finish paying it

As you can see the Stress-Free program offers A LOT of benefits all for one low monthly price. In addition, the Unit is YOURS to keep once you finish paying it off. There is no buyout of the unit necessary and once approved you are AUTOMATICALLY approved for $35,000! So if you were thinking of replacing your duct work, or sealing it with aeroseal, you can do that as well! All you need to qualify are these 3 things:

  1. 617 + Beacon Credit Score
  2. Must be owner of the home
  3. Must buy an AC unit

Thats it! If you have those 3 things, you are surely to be approved! And once you are approved, you will be automatically approved for the other option that FPL Home offers.

Traditional Financing

  • $0 down, fixed-rate financing
  • Up to 120 months

The traditional financing is simply financing your AC unit without the parts and labor protections, or the bi-annual tune ups included.  Although we recommend the Stress- Free program, sometimes this option may be all you need.

Watch This Video to Learn More About Stress-Free



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